Why is it called a bullseye

why is it called a bullseye

The round black center of a target has been called a bull's-eye since the 17th century; mark similarly alludes to a target; and the analogy to driving home a nail. The bullseye, or bull's-eye, is the centre of a shooting target, and by extension the name given to any shot that hits the bullseye. By extension, the word bullseye. BULL'S EYE - "There are many plausible ways to explain this term, all of them based on a bull's eye, which is about the same size as the small black. why is it called a bullseye


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Why is it called a bullseye - Formel besagt

WOOHOO, we're glad you're back today, Brady! Ed Feb 28, You hit the bullseye with today's Wonder! Hey Saff, we are so glad this archery Wonder made you smile! We loved today's WONDER!



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